Curriculum Vitae

1977 – 1978 Henri Mercher Studio, Paris, specialized training in bookbinding.
Mr. Roger Arnoult, specialized training in leather gilding.
Mr. Louis Gallier, specialized training in book-edge gilding.
1968 – 1972 L’Art de la reliure Studio, basic training in bookbinding, Montreal.
1959 Marguerite Bourgeois School of Music, Montreal, teaching diploma in music.
2016 Publication: THE NEW BOOKBINDER 2016, volume 36, Mind ans Matter.
2015 Career grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
2013 Laureate of the “Distinguished winners” trophy granted to the 25 best bookbinders by the Designer Bookbinders.
2010/2012 Canada Council for the Arts / Research and Creation.
2005 Travel Grant.
2005 Quebec House in Paris – Exhibition Assistance.
2002 Named Maestri in the surroundings of the exhibition 100 Maestri Rilegatori for Il Cantico delle Creature in Macerata, Italy.
Prize of the City of Guéthary (France) in the surroundings of the Biennale of bookbinding.
1999 Grant holder of millennium projects, Canada Council for the Arts / The Book of the Year 3000.
1993-1994 Department of Cultural Affairs of Quebec, Assistance Program for Creation.
2016 At the house of Écrivains Québécois, as part of the Literature Festival, “Odette Drapeau” bookbinding exhibition.
2016 In the HEC library Myriam and J.-Robert Ouimet, Three looks three binders who share the space of the library.
2011 The Lower Saint-Laurent Museum / Retrospective and recent works / exploration of intelligent textiles.
2005 Retrospective and recent works / At the Historical Library of the City of Paris.
2005 In Namur, Belgium / recent works / Grousbeck de Croix Castle.
2002 Innovations, The art of book by Odette Drapeau, exhibition of the artist fund acquired by the NLC in 2001, National Library of Canada, Ottawa.
2001 Recent works, La Tranchefile Gallery, Montreal.
2000 The book of the year 3000 – Memory of urban life (installation), Bonsecours Market in Old Montreal.
1997 Bookbinding by Odette Drapeau, Museum of bookbinding, Granville, France.
1995 Around the book, Centre franco-manitobain Gallery, Winnipeg.
1991 Book Arts, Odette Drapeau, America’s Society, New York.
1988 La reliure sous toutes ses coutures (meaning Bookbinding in all its forms), Sutton Art Gallery, Sutton.
1987 Odette Drapeau, bookbinder, Laval Exhibition Centre, Laval.
1986 Artist’s book and art bookbinding, Aube 3935 Gallery, Montreal.
Event around bookbinding, City of Dorval Library, Dorval.
Travel around the book, Regional Museum of Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Vaudreuil.
1985 Art bookbinding, Trestler House, Vaudreuil.
1982 Odette Drapeau, art bookbinding, Aube 3935 Gallery, Montreal.
Harmony, Laval University Library, Quebec.
1981 Fifteen original bindings, La Murée Gallery, Montreal.
1999 Twenty original bindings, National Library of Quebec, Montreal.
2018 At the Monique Corriveau Library in Quebec City, organized by ARA Canada, “Chemin de Traverse” exhibition.
2018 “APPAR dans tous ses états”, ten years of artists’ books publishing. Exhibition at the Wittockiana in Brussels.
2018 In Paris, at the City Council of the 5th arrondissement, organized by ARA France. Contemporary binding. Tribute to the writers of the Great War.
2018 At the Wittockiana “APPAR dans tous ses états”, ten years of publishing artists’ books.
2017 At the Musée des Maîtres et Artisans du Québec, “Regard sur le livre, regard sur la ville”, exhibition organized by the AQral to commemorate the 375th anniversary of the city of Montreal.
2017 In Paris, at the Swan Hotel, Nobel Prize exhibition – Modiano and Alexievitch.
2017 In Paris, at the Nordic Library, around the book Yu Hiu Hua..
2016 In Paris, organized by ARA France, “Ocean Bindings” exhibition at the City Hall of the 6th arrondissement.
2016 Le Livre et le Papier. Ara Suisse, at the Arsenals of Sion, in October-November 2016.
2016 In Stockholm, Nobel Museum, Nobel Prize Exhibition 2016 and 2015, Modiano and Slevana Alexievitch.
2015 In Forcalquier, Binding and eroticism. “A fleur de peau”.
2014 XIth International Forum of Art Binding, City of Nîmes, Carré d’Art Library, Exhibition from June 20 to September 14, 2014.
2014 “A coat for Belgian writers”, Binding exhibition organized by ARA Belgica and the Bibliotheca Wittockianadu from April 4 to June 30, 2014.
2014 On the theme “Binding in bloom, Homage to Jean Derens”, at the Mairie du 1st arrondissement from May 30 to June 7, 2014.
2013 International Exhibition of Art Binding, organized by the Sagittarius 22 group in the Marseille-Provence 2013 program: European Capital of Culture.
2013 International fair of outstanding books, at the Media Library Pierre-Alméric, in Albi, France.
2013 International competition organized by the Designer Bookbinders in Oxford, UK, under the theme “Shakespeare exhibition”. Exhibition in Oxford, at the Bodleian Libraries. In London, at the St Bride Foundation. In Brussels, at the Wittockiana. In Tallinn, at the National Library of Estonia. In Pilzen, at the Museum of Western Bohemia. In Weimar, at the Library of the Bauhaus University. In Leipzig, at the Museum of the printing Arts. In Madrid, at the Imprenta Municipal – Artes del Libro. In Tokyo, Japan, at the Nerima Art Museum. In Shiga at the Museum of Modern Art.
2013 Exhibition “Paper bookbinding”, at the Carnegie Library in Reims, France organized by ARA France.
2013 Exhibition organized by ARA Canada, “La couleur du vent” (meaning “The Colour of the Wind”), texts by Gilles Vigneault and illustrations by Nastassja Imolek, at Estienne School, in Paris, at Christine Brouillette Library in Quebec City and at HEC Library in Montreal.
2013 Art of the book 2013, organized by the CBBAG.
2013 Exhibition under the theme of “Music”, organized by the AQRA at the Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur.
2013 Les escaliers de Québec, (meaning “The stairways of Quebec”) organized by ARA Canada, at the Christine Brouillette Library in Quebec city, at the HEC Library in Montreal and at the Sainte Geneviève Library in Paris.
2013 Exhibition at the Louis Jou Foundation, France.
2013 The Nobel Prizes in Sweden, Nobelmuseum, Tomas Tranströmer, 2011 Nobel Prize.
2012 “La couleur du Vent” (meaning “The Colour of the Wind”) artist book on Gilles Vigneault’s text in Gabrielle Roy Library, organized by ARA Canada.
2012 Stairways of Quebec: footwork and suspended desires, Christine Brouillette Library, Loretteville.
2012 International exhibition organized by ARA France at the City Hall from the sixth district. The Paris of bookbinders.
2012 Art bookbinding, at the Domain of Lotbinière organized by the AQRAL, Quebec Association of Bookbinders and Book Artists.
2012 ARA Switzerland celebrates its 25th anniversary at Aigle Castle.
2012 Okaeri Project, Iwate Museum of Art and Ofunato Civic Cultural Centre, organized by the Tokyo Bookbinding Club.
2011-2012 In Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sivori Museum of Fine Arts.
2011 International Fair of outstanding books, Pierre Alméric Media Library, Alby, France.
2011 In Liège / Exhibition of Textile Bookbindings.
2011 Xth International Forum of Art Bookbinding.
2011 Quebec / Haïku. Small formats.
2011 Vilnius / Lithuania / 2011 Biennale.
2011 Tallinn / Estonia / 2010 Biennale..
2010 The Nobel Prizes in Stockholm 2010. Twenty-five French bookbinders invited to bind the book of J.M. le Clézio.
2008 400th Commemoration of the City of Quebec. Assembly of Quebec Library.
2006 The book in all its forms. At the Alexandria Library in Egypt and the École des Mines in Paris.
2006 The Book of Origins, at the Gabrielle Roy Library in Quebec.
2005 Art bookbinding, history about a poet’s book, Château Ramezay in Montreal.
2005 Limoges / France. International Forum of Art Bookbinding (FIRA).
2005 Biennale of St-Rémy les Chevreuse. Tales of My Mother Goose.
2004 Of Gold and Silver, exhibition organized by AIR neuf, association dedicated to the promotion of contemporary and experimental bookbinding, at the Historical Library of the City of Paris.
2003-2004 Bel libro 2003, traveling exhibition in Emden and Mainz (Germany), at the Library of the City of Bern, in Winterhour and in Ascpma (Switzerland).
2003 Happiness and other pleasures, Matéria Gallery, Quebec.
2002 AIR neuf takes on colours, at the Wittockiana, Brussels (Belgium). Participating as a founding member of the Movement with ten binders under its supervision in the red colour.
2000 Hands of Masters, exhibition organized by the International Society of economuseums in collaboration with the Canadian Postal Museum, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull.
Traveling exhibition presented in Canadian museums for four years.
Works from the collections of the reserve, National Library of Canada, Ottawa
1999-2000 Contemporary bindings, exhibition organized by The Arts Crafts Council of Quebec in the surroundings of the Spring of Quebec in la Gaillarde, France in the city of Brive (Spring-Summer 1999). Exhibition also presented in Belgium (January 2000) and Luxembourg (March 2000).
1999 Air neuf in Mariemont (Belgium) exhibition of artist’s books and bookbindings creations.
The National Library of Quebec presents its collection of bookbinding, in the surroundings of the Spring of Quebec at the Paris Book Fair.
1998 Containers for Intragrammes, Mariemont Museum (Belgium). International exhibition of experimental bookbinding.
1995 Fifth International Forum of Art Binding, in the National Library of Quebec, and in the Houses of Culture.
The shagreen, Hôtel de Sens, Forney Library of Paris.
2011 Invited guest speaker at the tenth FIRA under the title “Bookbinding in the twenty-first century” (in French), in Bruges, Belgium.
2009 Invited guest speaker in Trois-Rivières at the Symposium of the Arts Crafts Council of Quebec in 2009 under the title « Pionnière » (meaning “A pioneer woman”).
2005 Invited guest speaker at the eighth FIRA under the title “And the Dream is going on and on” (in French), in Limoges, France.
1979-2004 Teaches different bookbinding styles to beginners and professionals at the art bookbinding studio La Tranchefile in Montreal which welcomes students from Quebec, from Canada and abroad. Teaches courses, internships and specialized workshops abroad including Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden and France.
2002-2003 Mentor in Mentoring project for the Arts Crafts Council of Quebec.
2001 Guest speaker for the Society for Study and Conferences at the National Library of Quebec under the title “History of bookbinding through the ages” (in French).
1999 Guest speaker at the Butor et l’Amérique Symposium, University of Kingston, Ontario.
1982-2004 Regularly organizes exhibitions of artists’ books among which: Betty Goodwin, Roland Giguère, Michel Butor, Francine Simonin, Bertrand Dorny, James Guitet, Pierre Bougie and others.
Collaborates to national and international events such as the International Paper Art Conference, the 8th International Congress of IAPMA and the Mois de la photo (meaning “Month of photography”).
2003 Presides over the jury of the Third Biennale in Vilnius, Lithuania.
1995-2002 Represents the International Bureau of the ARA for Canada.
1986-2001 Acts as founder and president of ARA Canada (Friends of the Art Bookbinding).
1996 Organizes the Fifth International Forum of bookbinding in Montreal, National Library of Quebec.
Organizes the AIR neuf Congress in Chantilly, France.
Organizes and hosts the Fifth F.I.R.A. in Montreal.
1994 Co-founder of the International Movement AIR neuf, movement dedicated to the promotion of experimental bookbinding.
1988-1991 Acts as president of the Quebec Association of bookbinders.
1982 Founds and manages Édition d’art La Tranchefile, book-objects and artist’s books publishing.
1979 Founds and manages La Tranchefile art bookbinding studio, Montreal.
  Bookbinding Museum of Granville, France.
Sainte-Geneviève Library, Paris-France.
National Library of Luxembourg.
National Library of Canada.
National Library of Quebec.
University of Montreal.
McGill University.
University of Alabama.
Ministry of the French Community of Belgium (Collection of the Visual Arts Department).
Private collections in France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, United States and Canada.
  RCA, The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.
AIR neuf (International Association of Bookbinders), founding member.
ARA Canada (Amis de la reliure d’art [meaning “Friends of the art bookbinding”]).
APPAR (Association Pour la Promotion de l’Art de la Reliure [meaning “Association promoting the art of bookbinding”]).
CBBAG (Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild).
AQRAL (Association Québécoise des Relieurs et des Artistes du Livre [meaning “Quebec Association of Bookbinders and Book Artists”]).
CMAQ (Conseil des Métiers d’art du Québec [meaning “Arts Crafts Council of Quebec”]).
Designer Bookbinders.
Guild of Book Workers.